It is with great pleasure that we can present you to Prime Tracking A / S.
Prime Tracking A/S has been started by Michael Klemmensen and Martin Grauballe, who together have more than 20 years of experience in the tracking and automotive industries.

With the customer in focus, it is our most important goal to deliver outstanding services that ensures your values in a simple and easy way.
We have succeeded to obtain multiple agreements with partners who have many years of experience in the market and each of them have ensured to take ownership in Prime Tracking A / S’s services.

Services provided by Primetracking are amongst others insurance approved GPS-tracking, fleet management, theft protection and finally documentation.

On daily basis, the system is used by a mix of private customer, professional companies, rescue services, insurance companies and public authorities.

The technology behind the system is constantly updated and Primetracking are declared first mover when it comes to innovation, and trend setting.

The system consists of several standard services, but is highly scalable to meet individual needs.

Primetracking ensures automation of your fleet and gives you full access to your important data’s and statistics wherever and whenever you need access.